Ordering Tests

The first step in ordering tests is to fill out the appropriate Test Request Form. When running panels or individual tests (except for histopathology and cytology), choose the form for the species of your patient:

If you are sending in a cytology or histopathology sample, regardless of species, please use the Histopathology/Cytology Test Request Form. Follow the simple instructions on the form to identify the patient and the site from which the sample was obtained. 

Regarding the General Animal, Equine, and Avian and Exotic Test Request Forms: each form has tests that are specifically designed to be relevant for those species. To avoid delays, please use only the form that is specifically designed for your patient. Use of the wrong form may delay your test results or even worse lead to improper assays being performed on the sample and not having enough of the sample remaining to perform the specific test you need.

At AVRL we recognize that "one size does not fit all." For that reason, you can design customized panels for your practice. Please call customer service to set up your custom panels. Once set up, the panels will be saved in your account and will appear on your online or preprinted test request forms and your online account page. 

We encourage customers to fill out their requisition forms online using our unique Priority Labs process because it is more efficient than paper and your sample will, as a result, be processed more quickly.

That said, following the "one size does not fit all" theme, it might work better for your practice to stock paper copies of the test request forms. If you stock paper copies, it is possible to customize your personalized practice form to include preprinted practice demographics and any custom panels that you develop. When your account is set up, you can request to have your requisitions preprinted. If you set up preprinted forms, they will automatically be sent to you every time you order requisition forms using our Supply Request Form. When you submit samples, please label all sample containers and slides with PATIENT NAME and CLIENT NAME (and DATE or DATE/TIME for sequential samples). Then place the requisition and the samples into the supplied clear re-sealable bag.

On the other hand, you may chose to fill out the requisition online using Priority Labs, the most efficient process to complete your order. By ordering tests via Priority Labs online many sources of data entry error are eliminated and samples reach their destination at AVRL in a more efficient manner decreasing the potential for error and delay. You can reach the Priority Labs site by clicking the Order-a-Test tab at www.abaxislabs.com. When you log in to your account you will be given a choice of requisition forms to fill out depending on species and sample type. If you have developed custom panels for your practice, these will be available in the system. The form fields for your practice demographics are already completed in the online forms. You must print a copy of the requisition form after you complete filling it out. When you submit samples, please label all sample containers and slides with PATIENT NAME and CLIENT NAME (and DATE or DATE/TIME for sequential samples). Then place the completed requisition form and the samples into the supplied BLUE Priority Re-sealable Bag and seal. Using the specifically designed

BLUE Priority Re-sealable Bag identifies your sample as being registered through the Priority Labs system. BLUE Priority Re-sealable Bags are sorted before other samples since data entry is already completed at the practice. BLUE Priority Re-sealable Bags are only for samples accompanied by forms completed online via Priority Labs. If you place other samples in the BLUE Priority Re-sealable Bags you will delay processing, which may delay your results.